The Stasis Tubes

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Since becoming targeted by the Illuminati in 2000, I was passed up the proverbial shadow government ladder to become a MILAB.
A MILAB is first and foremost a legitimate alien abductee, who is then subsequently abducted by the human U.S. military, our abductions by the military made to look like "alien" abductions.
(To understand this, you must read about the 1954 top secret Grenada Treaty.)

During both our alien and U.S. military abductions, we are subjected to horrors that make what went on in the Nazi concentration camps look like a Sunday picnic in the park. This is not in any way meant to diminish what WWII concentration camp survivors endured so please don't misunderstand me. It's just that with the technological advances made since then, the horrors we are subjected to are far more advanced due to that technology.

One of the atrocities many of us who are MILABS have seen during our abductions to underground Grey/Reptilian/military bases are the Stasis Tubes or "cryo pods" as they are sometimes called.

This is where the vast majority of the world's missing/abducted end up, to be used as food for the malevolent Grey/Draco Reptilians as well as cloning experimentation by our own military in alliance with the Greys and Draco Reptilians.

These stasis tubes contain those missing/abducted people, kept alive in these tubes, filled with either aqua-colored liquid or gas.
Most of them have body parts missing.
Some MILABS have been forced to stand at conveyor belts in these underground bases, chopping up human bodies as they roll down these conveyor belts.

In working with abduction experts, many of us have drawn sketches of these stasis tubes. The third sketch down is my own sketch of the stasis tubes.

The following video was recently released by a CIA whistleblower with regard to the Dulce cryo tanks.

Disclose.tv - Dulse secret alien base mind blowing new footage of cryo tanks

These stasis tubes are also written about by Britain's MI5 agent, James Casbolt in Project Mannequin:

"The inherent vileness of these places and beings is physically transmitted and felt when around them. These Centres of Operations often have hundreds of thousands of human men, women, and children in cryogenic stasis pods to be used as food. Whether these are clones or real humans, I do not know. However, classified DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency) increasingly large amounts of children going missing in the U.K. and U.S. X13 also informed of the disturbing disclosure that one million cryogenically frozen children had been given by the Greys to the Draco Prime ship behind the Hale-Bopp comet as tribute."

I was shown these tubes by an alien Grey (or a false military-inserted screen memory of an alien Grey) as a threat, to make me stop working Illuminati child abduction cases - "Cease and desist or YOU'LL end up in one of these tubes!" Not that I'd care, I'm long since past caring what they do to me because death would only mean an end to the atrocities I've suffered at these sociopaths' hands.

Now you know where our abducted children (and adults) have been disappearing to and what is being done to them by your own shadow government/military - with the help of law enforcement.
Obviously, they don't want you to know this...which is why they set up mind-controlled "fall guys" to take the rap for these abductions, so you'll be none the wiser about what's really happening to these abducted people.

How are they able to abduct children right out of their bedrooms, in their homes with locked doors, and/or siblings or other family members asleep in the same room or nearby, with no one hearing a thing during the actual abduction? The same way they routinely abduct us - beam us through a window, wall, etc. while knocking out the rest of the inhabitants of the home. Yes, they have the technology to do this.

If Americans continue to remain apathetic and do nothing to take their government back from the Illuminati, these tubes are likely where you'll end up, to become "Purina Alien Chow" - if not in a FEMA concentration camp, slated for execution.
Your choice, folks...

Reverse Speech

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From http://www.reversespeech.com/

"It has been called the discovery of the 7th sense. The research into this phenomenon has been described as being of "Nobel calibre". It has been featured in numerous publications around the world, and in the United States it became a household name in the late 90s. It is called Reverse Speech, the phenomenon of hidden backward messages in speech. It initially gained worldwide fame in the early 80s as those strange backward messages in rock and roll. Since that time, research has progressed significantly and it is now known to exist in all forms of human speech.

If human speech is recorded and played backwards, mixed amongst the gibberish at regular intervals can be heard very clear statements. These statements usually appear in short sentence form and are nearly always related to the forward speech. It appears constantly throughout language, so much so in fact, that it is believed to be a natural part of our speech processes.

The pioneer and 20 year veteran of this field, Australian David John Oates, describes Reverse Speech as another form of human communication. He states that language is bi-level, forward and reverse. As the human brain constructs the sounds of speech, it forms those sounds in such a way that two messages are delivered simultaneously. One forwards, which is the conscious mind speaking, and the other in reverse, which is the unconscious mind speaking."

Reverse speech then, could be an invaluable tool in sorting fact from fiction, who's lying and who's not, who's guilty and who's innocent in these child abduction cases.

Note: Since people aren't used to hearing a speech reversal, slowing it down to different speeds helps one's ear to adjust to the sound.

Let's take a look at a couple examples of reverse speech:

An Ultimatum to the Illuminati - Reverse Speech Analysis

Obama - Yes We Can = Thank You Satan

Now let's look at reverse speech applied to abduction/homicide cases:

Ronald & Misty Cummings Reverse Speech Analysis

Sam Parker says "She's in shallow grave"

Casey Anthony: "Boys did this."

Casey Anthony: "I'm not the despot"

Mitch Ratisher: "I killed angel."

Marcus Harper says "Her wrist(s). Tied this up."

Barry Beach: Wrongfully imprisoned?

Haleigh Cummings

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I'm sure most of you are familiar with the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings from Satsuma, FL. 


Kudos to you, Tim Holmseth!!! You have my respect and gratitude!

The following are taped conversations, captured by journalist, Timothy Holmseth regarding the SCAM surrounding the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings, the involvement of the FL State Attorney's Office, the Putnam County Sheriff's Dept. (PCSD) and a host of others! Mr. Holmseth has posted these videos on YouTube.

WARNING: These tapes contain profanity.

A recorded interview with Karen Simmer, a former team member of Crytal Sheffield's former attorney, Kim Picazio. Simmer exposes Picazio for knowledge she had about the welfare of Haleigh Cummings. Haleigh Cummings is a missing child subject to an active Amber Alert and Sheffield's attorney suggested she knew her welfare status. Simmer called every law enforcement agency she could think of including Putnam County Sheriff's Department, FDLE, FBI, America's Most Wanted, Florida DCF, Department of Justice, US Attorney's office.

Who got rich when Haleigh Cummings disappeared? Whose life was enriched when Haleigh disappeared?

Haleigh BUG Scam- Interview with PhotoShop Expert
Haleigh Cummings' mother, Crystal Sheffield, did not have any photos of herself holding Haleigh. They wanted to make a lot of money though, so they Photoshopped a picture so it would look like she cared about the child enough to have at least one photo. They got busted, and then they lied about it. The people involved in the fraud claim to be involved with law enforcement.

Haleigh's Grandma - They tore her ass up!
The Putnam County Sheriff's Department threatened to put Haleigh's grandma in jail. The paranoid officers are becoming aggressive and believe they are being secretly taped and listened to. Why are they so worried about scrutiny?

PCSD Investigation Infested With Corruption
In April of 2009, Private Investigator William 'Cobra' Staubs attempted to report Crystal Sheffield's attorney, Kim Picazio, for a criminal solicitation she made of him. Staubs said Picazio asked him to try to get Greg Page to say he was with Misty Croslin-Cummings the night Haleigh Cummings disappeared. Staubs reported it to the Putnam County Sheriff's Department but nothing was ever done. Picazio then began warning Staubs that he was going to be arrested if he didn't stop talking bad about Crystal Sheffield. Picazio told Timothy Holmseth she discussed Staubs' arrest in advance with State's Attorney Joseph Boatwright. Staubs was arrested.
(It appears this video has now been made private!)

Putnam Officials Hiding Truth About Haleigh?
The Putnam County Sheriff's Department appears to be lying to the media about the Haleigh Cummings investigation. An independent investigation by Write Into Action continues to yield explosive truths that the PCSO is attempting to hide. This interview with Karen Simmer, a former team member of Attorney Kim Picazio, Crystal Sheffield's lawyer, shows just how invested the PCSO is with corruption.

Lindsey Baum

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Lindsey Baum was wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, jeans and black tennis shoes, was walking from her friend’s house on Maple Street to her own home on Mommsen Road, a four-block distance, and was last seen at about 9:15 p.m. on June 26th. Lindsey is from McCleary, WA.

Her birthday is 7-7-1998. She has brown hair and eyes.

Baum’s mother called the McCleary Police Department at 10:50 p.m., having waited in case her daughter had stopped to talk to her friend or otherwise dawdled, Sgt. Ed Patrick said. Melissa Baum said Lindsey wasn’t angry Friday night, and left without money, a change of clothes or her cellphone. Police have searched for the girl in the homes of her friends, in case she had been “hiding out.” Undersheriff Rick Scott said they will continue to search for Lindsey, in brushy areas, small ponds, and lakes, and are not ready to conclude the girl was abducted.

“She wouldn’t have run away,” Baum said, her voice hoarse. “If she had been hiding she would have come out by now. She can’t hide that long, she loves to talk.” Baum called her daughter a “mama’s girl,” and said the two were re-reading the Harry Potter books aloud to prepare for the upcoming movie. Lindsey wanted to have her friend over to read with them, and left while it was still light out.

According to Fox News in a later report: "Melissa Baum said she thinks her little girl Lindsey, who vanished Friday night, was snatched and is no longer in their hometown."

Chief George Crumb of the McCleary Police Department said friends and family are assisting the search, and that while his department hopes Baum just ran off on her own, “she’s been gone far too long.” Melissa Baum said she is afraid someone has taken her daughter, and taken her away from McCleary.

“If anyone does have her, bring her back home or take her to a pay phone where she can call home,” Baum said.

“Everybody knows everybody’s business and we’d have expected that if she was still in town, somebody would have notified us and we haven’t had that, unfortunately,” says Dave Pimentel, Deputy Chief of the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office. Investigators have interviewed registered and transient sex offenders in the area. They have taken Lindsey’s computer into evidence and are checking out her Myspace accounts. They are going over her cell phone activity. Still, no leads. Police have, however, ruled out all family members as suspects.

In the five years Crumb has been with McCleary there has not been an abduction. No Amber Alert was initiated because no one had seen anyone take her. Lindsey Baum was simply reported as a missing child. “It did not meet any of the criteria for an Amber Alert,” Crumb said.

McCleary Police set up the initial search, but called in the Sheriffs Office at 4 a.m., Patrick said. Thurston County sheriffs deputies are also assisting.“We are keeping our fingers crossed,” Crumb said.

According to a 6/30/09 Newsdeck International report, a bus driver with Grays Harbor Transit stopped by the operations center to report a suspicious vehicle he'd seen in the area the day Lindsey disappeared.

The FBI has now joined in the search for 10-year-old Lindsey Baum who disappeared on a 10-minute walk home on Friday night.

A second person came forward on Wednesday to report having seen Lindsey on her walk home from a friend’s house.

The FBI is asking Lindsey’s neighbors to try and remember if anyone was acting suspicious in the area on Friday night. They are also looking for information regarding anyone who might began engaging in strange behavior, such as selling a vehicle for no reason, not showing up for work, or changing their appearance.

Ron Twersky, FBI assistant special agent in charge said, “We’re certainly not looking for a witch hunt or anything of that sort, but the bottom line is we have a missing girl. And so anyone who is in this area is going to be someone we want to talk to.”

A wide-ranging search was launched early Saturday in the town and the surrounding forests. The town was criss-crossed three times, but not a trace of Lindsey has been found. Even bloodhounds failed to pick up her scent.

Search for missing McCleary girl scaled back
McCLEARY -- Lindsey Baum's 11th birthday came and went, but the girl has yet to come home.
Police hoped to find the missing girl by her special day - Tuesday - but they have not found any sign of her.

With little to go on, investigators said dozens of people have been taken off the search. Detectives are now waiting for a tip that will send them in the right direction.

At the height of the search, 75 members of the search and rescue team, as well as up to 35 officers and countless volunteers were scouring Grays Harbor County for the girl, who disappeared while walking home last month.

Their latest focus were the hills above an off-road vehicle park. Nothing was found.
Without solid tips, the county can't afford to keep the investigation moving at the same pace. The search and rescue team has been dismissed, and the number of officers have been reduced to 12.

July 16, 2009
Police: Is Tumwater luring linked to McCleary case?

TUMWATER, Wash. - Police are investigating whether the attempted abduction of a girl in Tumwater on Wednesday is linked to last month's highly publicized disappearance of 11-year-old Lindsey Baum in McCleary.

Officials say three men tried to kidnap the 14-year-old girl in broad daylight on Wednesday as she was walking along a busy street, but the girl was able to escape by running away.

The close call left the girl very shaken, and now detectives are comparing the similarities between her experience and Lindsey Baum's unexplained disappearance June 26 in McCleary, about 22 miles away.

"We investigate because child lurings aren't as common as most crimes, and when you have two communities that are so close together and the circumstances where obviously it occurred in public areas. And the girls are approximately the same age," says Detective Jen Kolb of the Tumwater Police Department.

The Tumwater girl, whose name is being withheld, says she was walking along Capitol Boulevard to her mother's place of work when the three men jumped out of a black pickup.
They were yelling, "Hey, pretty lady, how are you?" then came after her, she says.
The girl started running, and the men chased after her. But soon after they gave up the chase, ran back to the pickup and drove off.

The girl now says she believes the men wanted to hurt her.

Kolb said she finds the case "very disturbing" and is struck by the parallels to the disappearance of Lindsey Baum.

Cops' Search in Lindsey Baum Case Comes Up Empty
Police Served Warrants, but Found No Evidence of Missing Girl
Oct. 4, 2009

Volunteers gathered in McCleary, Wash., this weekend to hunt for any trace of Lindsey Baum, the 11-year-old girl who has been missing for more than three months. Police acknowledged they are looking for new leads after a search failed to link a possible suspect to the girl's disappearance.

"There was no evidence that clearly indicated that the people and the individual we were looking at had anything to do with her disappearance," Undersheriff Rick Scott, of the Grays Harbor County Sheriff's Department, one of the agencies investigating the girl's disappearance, told ABCNews.com. "Having served these warrants, we found nothing, so we're pursuing other leads."

The affidavit for the warrants, which were released Friday and were served on Sept. 25, indicated that there were discrepancies in the alibi of the person police were looking at, a man who works at a retirement home near where Lindsey, who should have started sixth grade this fall, was last seen.

According to the affidavit, from Grays Harbor County Sheriff's Department Det. Matt Organ, police originally wanted to talk to the man because a person called and said his car, a small white sports car with a loud exhaust, was seen in the area the night of Lindsey's disappearance and then was not seen around for several days afterwards, which the tipster considered suspicious.

When police contacted the possible suspect, according to the affidavit, he told them he was working a second job at a youth camp that night, but a supervisor at the camp told police he was in fact not there and had been suspended two weeks earlier.

Police also became suspicious when they spoke to a former girlfriend of the man, who told them that the day after Lindsey's disappearance he said he was very concerned that something like that could happen in the town, the affidavit said.

The man allegedly told the woman "he could not believe that a girl had been taken and cut up and dismembered," the affidavit said.

At that point, however, police were still treating the disappearance as a missing person case and had said nothing about suspecting foul play, according to the affidavit.

"There's been a lot of different people who had our attention and might have been called persons of interest," he said. "It might have been a matter of hours or a matter of days. The case where we served these warrants was just like that, but after having looked at what was found, we are pursuing other leads." The man was the most recent in a series of people who police have looked closely at in the case, Scott said.

"We're encouraging everyone, hunters in the woods, to have their head on the swivel to look for evidence of Lindsey and her disappearance," he said. "We're at the same time continuing our criminal investigation."

* Again we have investigating authorities claiming Lindsey was "hiding out" or a runaway despite the mother saying "No, she wouldn't have run away." Evidence supports she didn't - she had little to no money, her cell phone was sitting in its charger, she had no change of clothes, no prior history of having run away. Living in a small town myself, it's true everyone knows everyone else's business and certainly if she was in town, someone would've reported seeing her to the authorities! Even the Deputy Chief of the Gray's Harbor P.D. says this himself! Yet, investigating authorities still won't treat the case as a possible abduction until 8 days later!

* No Amber Alert issued, cops saying her disappearance didn't meet the criteria.

* I also find it suspicious that a bus driver with Grays Harbor Transit stopped by the operations center to mention a suspicious vehicle he'd seen (according to Newsdesk Intl. on 6/30/09) and yet while investigating authorities are begging people to come forward with any leads, those same investigating authorities have made not ONE public mention of this reported suspicious vehicle to the general public!

* There were several businesses along that route that Lindsey would've passed on her way home besides the Shell station yet none of them captured her on video walking home. I believe the Shell Station is significant in that a shell is symbolic to the Illuminati, so it would make sense they would abduct her near a Shell station.

* The FBI quickly steps in to take over the investigation again.

* McCleary is a densely wooded area and there's a Capitol State Park nearby. Capitol is also significant when it comes to Illuminati symbolism and State forests/parks are a favored dumping ground. I also find Undersheriff Rick Scott's choice of words "hunters in the woods" interesting in the statement he made to the media, as though he already suspected or knew Lindsey had been taken to the woods? Why single out "hunters in the woods" to be on the lookout for Lindsey? Was he telegraphing?

* Police question a man who tells his girlfriend "he could not believe that a girl had been taken and cut up and dismembered." Not only did this man's alibi not check out, but what would lead him to say he couldn't believe that a girl had been taken and cut up and dismembered? This is consistent with ritual sacrifice! Yet he's now been ruled out as a person of interest/suspect. I have to wonder how police arrived at the conclusion he was not a person of interest, given that statement alone. Not to mention his stating prior to Lindsey's abduction that he feared something like that could happen! This was a small town in which a cop (Crumb) claimed it had never experienced an abduction in at least 5 years.

* Lindsey was born on 7-7 and was just about to celebrate her 11th birthday when she was abducted. This would tell me she was very possibly abducted for the purpose of ritual sacrafice as does the fact her clothing fit the Type 1 abductee. Lindsey disappeared just days after the satanic Summer Solstice holiday begins and just before Demons Revel, which also indicates she may have been used in a ritual sacrifice.

* Once again, the abduction apparently happened very quickly and Lindsey was on 3rd Street, 3 blocks from her home and at least two witnesses had seen her walking down 3rd Street.

* Shortly after Lindsey disappears, you have another attempted abduction of a 14 year old girl with the same MO as Lindsey's abduction, in a neighboring town. Were they related? Possibly, but the fact these men made a racket yelling "Hey pretty lady, how are you!" and backed off and ran tells me that this luring was not an attempted Illuminati abduction. Illuminati abductors would not have drawn attention to themselves that way nor would they have backed off the attempted abduction. And the ruses they use to lure their abductees are far more clever than "Hey pretty lady, how are you!"

* Lindsey has two MySpace pages but this status update caught my eye:
"I've been getting a lot of nightmares latley and i have this bad feeling that something bads gonna happen Mood: scared at 9:48 AM May 29"
Certainly this could've been nothing more than Lindsey's intuition at work, given the fact her parents were divorcing at the time. However, the mention of "lots of nightmares lately" that lead to her being scared are very consistent with the induced dreams/nightmares used in mind control programming as well as the Illuminati tactic of "telegraphing".


Person of interest identified in Lindsey Baum disappearance

MCCLEARY, Wash. - Investigators identified a local jewelry store owner Thursday as a person of interest in the June 2009 disappearance of Lindsey Baum - but the store owner himself denies having anything to do with it. 

Tim Hartman, owner of Hartman's Jewelry and Repair in McCleary, admits he "unintentionally" gave false information to authorities about his whereabouts on the night Lindsey vanished. But he maintains his innocence, saying he knows nothing about what happened to the girl and actually helped in the search for her. 

The identification of Hartman as a person of interest in the case coincided with the release Thursday of a video from a convenience store in the area that was recorded the evening Lindsey vanished while walking home from a friend's house. 

The video shows Hartman making a purchase in the store at about the same time Lindsey vanished, around 9:15 p.m. on June 26, 2009. Hartman had previously told investigators he wasn't in McCleary at that time. 

Also seen in the video are two women, one of whom can be seen speaking briefly with Hartman. Investigators want to interview the women, and asked for the public's help in identifying them. 

Within hours of the video's release, the women were identified as two sisters living in McCleary, and detectives said they were planning to interview them. 

Hartman's car, home and his shop were searched in October as part of the investigation into Lindsey's disappearance. 

The shop, Hartman's Jewelry and Repair on Fourth Street, is on the route that Lindsey would have taken to get back home on the night she disappeared. 

Hartman earlier told police he was not in the McCleary area at the time of Lindsey's disappearance - but the newly released video shows that he actually was there. 

In an interview on Thursday, Hartman told KOMO News that he had nothing to do with Lindsey's disappearance. 

He admitted he initially told police he was not at the convenience store, but said he honestly doesn't remember being there at the time in question. 

He says he showed investigators a "certificate" showing that he had been in a class in Belfair until 9 p.m. on June 26 and couldn't have made it to McCleary by 9:15 p.m. But he says FBI investigators then determined that the class actually had ended at 8:15 p.m. 

"I still don't remember being here the night Lindsey disappeared, but they have me at Mike's (Market) at 21:15 on their camera, 'cause I looked at the picture, and I said, 'Yeah, that is me.' But I still don't remember being here at that time." 

Hartman tells KOMO News he made an ambulance run later in the evening of June 26, and when he returned to McCleary, the search for Lindsey already was under way. 

He says Chief George Crumb of the McCleary Police Department then asked him to join in the search, which he did. But Chief Crumb now says he doesn't remember asking him to take part, Hartman says. 

After joining in the search for a while, Hartman says he returned home but couldn't sleep, so he went out searching again. It was then, at about 1 a.m., that he says he ran into Lindsey's mother, and says he drove her to a local creek where Lindsey sometimes went to play, in hopes they would find her there. 

He says he searched there, and he left some markers to show where he had searched, but they were gone the next day. 

"I don't have a clue what's going on," he told KOMO News. "They got to do what they got to do. ... They're wasting a lot of money investigating me." 

Hartman says the search of his home and business has "done damage to my reputation." 

"Don't accuse me of something I didn't do," he says. "All I can do is tell them what I know, which is nothing about the little girl." 

Hartman also says he was interrogated by police for about eight hours in January, and has taken two polygraph tests. 

He says he initially was told that he passed the first test, but later was told that he had failed it. So he took a second test, which investigators told him was "inconclusive." 

Lindsey Baum was 10 years old when she disappeared. A $35,000 reward has been offered in the case. 

At the time of her disappearance, Lindsey was 4-foot-9, 80 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a light blue hooded pullover shirt and blue jeans.

Sorry, but I smell a big rat here and I'm afraid this EMT, Hartman could be being set up as a potential "fall guy". 

It's quite possible Hartman doesn't remember being in the convenience store. Hell, I think most of us would be lucky to remember what we were doing or where we were on a specific day/night 3 years prior! The other possibility here is that Hartman doesn't remember for another reason - he's been subjected to Illuminati programming and a programmed alter was at the forefront in the convenience store that night - in which case, Altman would have absolutely no memory of being in the convenience store whatsoever. Nor does he deny to police that's him on the video!
Furthermore, what would Hartman being in this convenience store have to do with Lindsey's disappearance? Two other women appear in that same video, are they being considered persons of interest by police because they appeared in that video as well???

If my suspicions are right and they're setting Hartman up as a fall guy, it's only in that context that him being in this convenience store would make any sense whatsoever as far as him being a person of interest. And this would most certainly fit as a convenient way to "sell the public" on Hartman's "guilt"  - "See? We have him on video in this convenience store!"
Question is: How many other men appeared on video in that same convenience store around the time of Lindsey's disappearance?  Or are cops just singling out Hartman?

We have the cops changing stories, first telling Hartman he passed a polygraph, then changing their story to Hartman failing the polygraph. Cops can rig investigations any way they want, I saw them do it in my own case during my own railroading - and that includes polygraph tests.
(Which is why NO ONE should ever agree to take a polygraph!)
You also have Hartman saying the police chief asked him to join the search for Lindsey - but now suddenly the police chief is saying "Nope, don't remember asking Hartman to join the search."
Possible coercion for the police chief to change his story?

Hartman claims he and Lindsey's mother searched the local creek where Lindsey played at 1 a.m. and that they left markers to denote where they'd searched. The next day the markers have mysteriously disappeared. Tampering? Hartman doesn't mention seeing anyone else present when he and Mrs. Baum are searching this area and marking it at 1 am. And it doesn't seem very logical that a civilian searcher would remove markers, not knowing why the markers were there but knowing an extensive search was being done for Lindsey and those markers could designate an area already searched or an area of relevance in that search. Cops on the other hand? Well, we already know some of them tamper with evidence. (Note I said "some")

Hartman is an EMT who also performed numerous searches for missing people - which could explain the rope and handwritten notes about Lindsey. It would also explain blankets, etc. and what firefighter and/or EMT  that you know doesn't have a knife? A fingernail from his car door? Who's to say it wasn't Hartman's own fingernail at this point? Same for the hair found! We all have hair in our homes that could be recovered! Lots of computers and storage devices? I know lots of tech junkies who have numerous computers and storage devices. Doesn't mean they abducted anyone or are child molesters.

After they conducted the searches on Hartman's property, Undersheriff Rick Scott had this to say:

Scott downplayed the new search, emphasizing that this man was one of many persons of interest in the case and has not become a suspect.

"A lot of what we were concerned about has been somewhat explained," Scott said.
"We found nothing yesterday that clearly links him to Lindsey's disappearance."

Tabitha Tudors

Posted by Kiya

Nothing was out of the ordinary at 1312 Lillian St. on the morning of April 29, 2003.

Debra Tuders awoke at 6 a.m. to find Tabitha sleeping soundly at the foot of their bed, as she often did. Although Tabitha had her own bedroom, she sometimes crept into her parents’ room in the middle of the night, curling up on a pallet of pillows and blankets on the floor. Unable to explain exactly why she came into their room at night, the couple simply say it made their little girl feel secure, and that’s all that mattered.

As her husband still lay sleeping, Debra got dressed and ready for her job as a cafeteria cook at nearby Tom Joy Elementary. “I stepped over Tabitha, I got ready for work and I left,” Debra explains during a recent interview. “I didn’t know that was going to be my last time looking at her.”

A short time later, Bo awoke and embarked on a similarly unremarkable morning ritual before heading to his job as a short-haul truck driver. Just before he was about to leave at 7 a.m., Bo gently shook Tabitha, who lay in her nightgown on the floor. In detail, he recounts their last, brief conversation, during which he told his groggy daughter to get up and get ready for school, that he loved her, and that he would see her later that evening. “She just said, ‘Alright daddy, I’m getting up. I love you, too.’ And that was it.”

At or about 7:50 a.m., the young teen walked out the front door of her weathered white house wearing Mudd jeans, a light-blue shirt and white Reebok sneakers, and set out on her quick journey to the bus stop. The 13-year-old with sandy blond hair, blue eyes and a shy, sweet smile didn't make it to class at Bailey Middle School either. Nor did the straight A student who almost never got into trouble board the bus for home that afternoon. Despite the short distance, Tabitha’s path passed through a poor swath of East Nashville filled with sex offenders, ex-cons and odd, troubled souls, whose names would later end up in a police file downtown.

That night, dozens of police officers and detectives showed up at the Tuders' home to search for the missing child. Early in the investigation, many of the patrol officers who canvased the neighborhood thought that Tabitha Tuders was another troubled teen who simply took off from home, perhaps hopping a Greyhound or taking a long car ride with an older boyfriend. It's not that they discovered information about the girl that would lead them to a runaway theory, but that's how they say most of these cases end up.

But as the investigation dragged on for days and then weeks without a break, it became more and more clear that Tabitha didn't fit the profile of a runaway. Scene interviews with Tabitha's parents, teacher and friends paint a portrait of a warm, shy, unassuming child who sang in the Eastland Baptist Church choir. By all accounts, Tabitha was anything but a troubled teen. Her grades, at one point quite average, were soaring; she was remarkably close and comfortable with her parents, and everyone who knew her says that she didn't behave any differently in the days leading up to her disappearance. Perhaps most importantly, Tabitha left her money and just about all her possessions behind, leaving no evidence of a planned escape.

One man told detectives he saw Tabitha turning the corner from Lillian onto 14th Street, still within sight of her home. Other witnesses spotted her walking uphill along 14th toward Boscobel Street, where she caught the bus each morning at the foot of a steep slope.
A television repairman living near the top of Boscobel glanced out the open front door of his dark wood-sided house and noticed Tabitha casually strolling down the hill while reading a half-sheet of paper, which some think was the glowing, straight-A report card she received the day before. “She was walking real slow, reading some papers. It didn’t look like she was in a hurry,” says the neighbor, adding that it didn’t appear she was looking for anyone either. “Then I just closed the door, and that’s it.”

Possibly the last person to see Tabitha on her normal route was a young boy waiting for the school bus at the bottom of the hill at Boscobel and 15th Street. And although his account seemed to reveal the most specific and potentially crucial detail about her disappearance, police have questioned his credibility from the beginning.

The boy claimed Tabitha was walking down the hill as a red car pulled up beside her about halfway down the hill. The young witness said Tabitha got into the car, at which point the driver—a black male wearing a ball cap—turned around and headed back up the hill.

And yet the police continue to maintain that Tabitha could be a runaway, repeating to any reporter with a notebook the tired mantra that investigators have no evidence of foul play. This police qualifier is included in every news story about the disappearance, and has arguably swayed public opinion about who Tabitha Tuders is and why she's missing. Police have given the same impression to the family, local volunteers, even out-of-town missing children's organizations, many of whom seem baffled at the police department's stubborn party line.
While it's true that there's no airtight report of a shadowy kidnapper snatching Tabitha and forcing her into an old pickup truck, there's also not one iota of evidence--not even a passing suggestion--that the girl had a reason to leave home. Or that her parents and family, who have cooperated with the police from that very first night and eagerly took lie detector tests in the weeks following, have a thing to hide.

An effective police investigation would have quickly publicized two scenarios: Either a stranger forcibly abducted Tabitha as she walked to school that morning, or she willingly left town with an older adult, perhaps a friend of the family or older boyfriend she secretly dated. Instead, police have gone out of their way to say that there's no evidence of abduction, cautioning against the notion of foul play as though there's a risk to considering it.

"We don't have any evidence that she ran away; we don't have any evidence that she was abducted," says police spokesman Don Aaron, when asked why the police don't stress the abduction scenario.

Among those who believe Tabitha was abducted is John Walsh, the missing child advocate and self-promotional host of America's Most Wanted and The John Walsh Show. On June 3, Walsh featured the Tabitha Tuders case on his namesake show. The Tuders family was flown to New York, where they made tearful on-air pleas for the safe return of their daughter. "I've studied the case, I know the case, and I know that this little girl didn't run away. She never made it to the bus stop," Walsh said on camera at the end of the segment, which aired locally on News Channel 5+.

Friends and family seem genuinely grateful to a police department that has been sensitive and responsive. But they believe that holding on to the runaway theory has hindered the investigation and dampened public and media interest in the case. In reality, they say, Tabitha is just a 13-year-old girl who had never so much as been on an airplane. They don't believe she would have--or could have--run away from home, staying hidden for more than two months.
"All of her stuff is still in her room," says her mother, Debra. "Her money, her clothes, her makeup. The police told me they normally consider 13-year-olds runaways, and I told them you don't know Tabitha."

On Tuesday afternoon at around 4:05, Tabitha didn't come home from school like she normally does. Buses often run late. Kids fool around at the playground when they should be boarding the bus. Traffic congestion causes delays. Things happen. Debra waited 20 minutes for her daughter before she drove to Bailey Middle School on Greenwood Avenue.

When Debra arrived at the school, the doors were locked. She grew nervous and went home to meet her husband, Bo. By then, it was 4:45. Bo and Debra went back to Bailey Middle, banged loudly on one of the doors and rang a bell. A custodian finally let them in. The Tuders walked around the 84-year-old building and found a teacher, who told them that their daughter, who had become a straight A student, wasn't in class that day. Bo and Debra quickly rushed home and called the police.

Unlike many 13-year-olds who view their parents as hopelessly out-of-touch, Tabitha is said to be very close to her mom and dad. She isn't a boy-crazy teen with posters of young movie stars tacked on her bedroom walls; she likes to stay at home with her parents and older sister, Jamie, or go with them to catch the race cars loop around the quarter-mile asphalt track at Highland Rim, 20 miles north of the city. When she spends the night at a friend's house, she always calls home before bedtime to tell her parents that she loves them. Her room is full of stuffed animals and G-rated movies like The Little Mermaid and Pooh's Grand Adventure.

When the search began, bloodhounds and other search dogs, all on loan from various missing children's organizations, tracked Tabitha's scent. According to Johnny White, a family friend and the Tuders' spokesperson, the dogs followed nearly the same route that the young girl took every day to the bus stop. But 30 or so yards from her bus stop, the dogs reversed course and headed back up the hill. It's at roughly that same spot that another eyewitness spotted Tabitha get into a red car that also reversed course and headed up the hill toward Boscobel. Police investigators doubt the accuracy of this eyewitness, whom they say has credibility problems, and they also doubt the route the search dogs tracked. But the volunteers searching for the girl think police are ignoring what may be the key to the case.

Johnny White speculates Tabitha was coerced into the red vehicle. Capt. Karl Roller of the Metro Police Youth Services Division tells the Scene that his department is currently looking into the tip about the red car. But it's not new information. The tip surfaced the day after Tabitha disappeared, nine weeks ago.

Nine weeks later, the police are no closer to cracking the case than they were the day Tabitha disappeared. Police have classified her as a "missing person," not a runaway or an abducted child. This is as ambiguous a classification as there is.

"We still don't have enough answers to rule it one way or another," says acting Police Chief Deborah Faulkner. "We just want to find her."

But there's a disturbing sense of police flat-footedness in this case. Faulkner, for example, describes herself as "very involved" in the Tuders case--indeed, she was briefed for two hours on it last Monday--but she's "not sure" which detective is in charge of the investigation. Four officers work full-time on the disappearance case, but routine polygraph tests were given to Tabitha's immediate family members weeks--not hours or days--after the girl went missing. And Tabitha's 24-year-old brother Kevin, who was arrested two years ago for his involvement with a money laundering and prostitution ring, has never been asked to take a polygraph test.

"The polygraph test is an investigative tool--the timing of it was when investigators felt like they had enough information to do the polygraph," Faulkner says. "We were still trying to determine what it was we were dealing with."

The most baffling aspect of the investigation is the police department's insistence that Tabitha may be a runaway, even though they admit there's no evidence to support that theory. When she left for school that Tuesday morning, the seventh grader was wearing Mudd jeans, a light-blue shirt and white Reeboks. She didn't bring a change of clothes, a teddy bear from her collection or the $20 bill she had been given the previous Sunday at church for memorizing the Ten Commandments. The adolescent girl owned two bras; she wore one that day and left the other in her dresser drawer.

And there's nothing to suggest Tabitha wanted to leave home, either. Investigators have found no signs of a troubled family life--Bo can't recall ever spanking his daughter--nor do they have any suspicion that Tabitha had an older boyfriend or shady Internet pal.

Jarrell--like everyone else who knows Tabitha--scoffs at the idea that the girl had a boyfriend, although a volunteer-led search of Tabitha's room did turn up a love note from an 11-year-old suitor. (Police failed to find it in their search of the room, according to family friend Johnny White.) The middle school teacher notes that Tabitha "wasn't one that would come to the library, get on computers and check e-mail." She rarely used the Internet.

"It's certainly something we're well aware of--that she wasn't planning on leaving," says Capt. Roller, "but there's no information that she was grabbed or snatched either." The fear among Tabitha's family, and others trying to find her, is that this kind of suspended judgment, which works well in courtrooms and classrooms, could have life-or-death consequences in the real world of police sleuthing.

These are modest people who don't know much about investigatory work, and they seem genuinely appreciative of the police effort so far. But they are frustrated, and don't understand why police don't err on the side of caution, listing Tabitha as a potentially abducted child. Had the department not downplayed from the beginning the possibility of foul play, more public attention--perhaps nationally--might be focused on this case today or the case might have been solved already.

Interestingly, family friend Johnny White says that police even discouraged America's Most Wanted from televising a segment about Tabitha's disappearance. Police spokesman Don Aaron says that, initially, police officials talked with the show about "them showing her photo and speaking for a few seconds before a commercial break." That discussion has since advanced, Aaron explains, because, "As time has gone by, our frustration level has risen as we haven't been able to confirm what the circumstances were surrounding her disappearance." Discussion is now focused on a longer segment, he says.

In yet another questionable call, the police department chose not to issue an Amber Alert in the aftermath of Tabitha's disappearance. Modeled after the nationwide Amber Plan, Tennessee's Amber Alert allows for law enforcement to work with media across the state to broadcast news about a missing child. To make sure that Amber Alerts don't hit the airwaves so often that the public ignores them, the state requires that each missing case meet certain criteria before an alert can be broadcast. Tabitha's case was a judgment call. Police didn't have a description of a suspect or a car in which she might have fled, as they did earlier this year when they issued an Amber Alert for Mariana Cisneros. But for a girl like Tabitha to have vanished without a trace, she almost certainly would have had to be in danger--or as the criteria specifies "out of the zone of safety for his or her development age." In any case, considering that Amber Alerts have thwarted abductions in other states, the downside is hard to identify. It would have only been the second such alert all year.

Police spokesman Don Aaron says that the police could have issued an Amber Alert but didn't because so many hours had elapsed between the time she was last seen and when she was reported missing.

Even more curiously, the day after Tuders' disappearance, at about noon, police called the local Office of Emergency Management (OEM) to assist with the search, only to call it off after a few hours. "We mustered our volunteers, and we took our volunteers and were searching Shelby Park," says OEM assistant director Richard Byrd. He says his team was prepared to do a search of the Cumberland River bank, but that the police called that off without explanation.

It’s been five years since their little girl vanished without a trace, and Bo and Debra Tuders still talk about her every day. The sadness is constant, but talking about Tabitha eases the pain.

As for the police, well apparently they don't seem all that concerned?

Yet another update: "A few weeks after Tabitha disappeared, a prostitute confessed to a volunteer in the case that she and a client of hers from Kingsport, Tennessee drove down Lillian Street where Tabitha lived. She says the john had a computer in his car and told her he was looking to pick up a young girl called Tabby. The prostitute said this occurred around the time Tabitha went missing. The volunteer gave this tip to the police immediately and even told them where the prostitute was staying, but to the best of his knowledge, police have never contacted her."

* "Instead, police have gone out of their way to say that there's no evidence of abduction, cautioning against the notion of foul play as though there's a risk to considering it."
That one statement pretty well sums up police "action" in the Tudors case. So why are they so bound and determined, in spite of all substantial evidence to the contrary, that an abduction never took place in Tabitha's case? Because they're covering up an abduction maybe?

* Tabitha was 13 years old, was dressed in blue jeans, a blue shirt and white tennis shoes when she disappeared. She was blonde with blue eyes. Type 1 abductee.

* Again, we have another child disappearing while on her way to a bus stop.

* Again we have the last person who most likely witnessed the abduction being discounted by police as an "unreliable witness".

* "And yet the police continue to maintain that Tabitha could be a runaway, repeating to any reporter with a notebook the tired mantra that investigators have no evidence of foul play. This police qualifier is included in every news story about the disappearance, and has arguably swayed public opinion about who Tabitha Tuders is and why she's missing. Police have given the same impression to the family, local volunteers, even out-of-town missing children's organizations, many of whom seem baffled at the police department's stubborn party line."
Again, insisting Tabitha was a runaway despite all evidence to the contrary. Fail to issue an Amber Alert. Stall the investigation.

* Volunteers find a "love note" in Tabitha's room that police missed in their search of the room.
I was trained in search procedures...so how did these cops miss something volunteers untrained in searches find?

* One day after Tabitha's disappearance, police called the local Office of Emergency Management (OEM) assist with the search, only to call it off after a few hours without explanation. The team was prepared to do a search of the Cumberland River bank, but the police called that off without explanation. So what's up with this? Why would you call off a search one day after this child disappears without any explanation? What didn't police want found?

* Again, we have police trying to kill the airing of an America's Most Wanted airing of a Tabitha Tudor segment. And...
"And yet the police continue to maintain that Tabitha could be a runaway, repeating to any reporter with a notebook the tired mantra that investigators have no evidence of foul play. This police qualifier is included in every news story about the disappearance, and has arguably swayed public opinion about who Tabitha Tuders is and why she's missing."
There's your media control to form public opinion and supress what's going on with these children!

* We have another car as a possible surveillance/abduction vehicle.

* "When the search began, bloodhounds and other search dogs, all on loan from various missing children's organizations, tracked Tabitha's scent. According to Johnny White, a family friend and the Tuders' spokesperson, the dogs followed nearly the same route that the young girl took every day to the bus stop. But 30 or so yards from her bus stop, the dogs reversed course and headed back up the hill. It's at roughly that same spot that another eyewitness spotted Tabitha get into a red car that also reversed course and headed up the hill toward Boscobel. Police investigators doubt the accuracy of this eyewitness, whom they say has credibility problems, and they also doubt the route the search dogs tracked. But the volunteers searching for the girl think police are ignoring what may be the key to the case."
And there's police doubting their own tracking dogs again...even though the route the dogs tracked jives with that "unreliable witness'" account of a black man in a red car going back up the hill with Tabitha in the car!

* Weeks after Tabitha's disappearance, police finally get around to administering polygraph tests to Tabitha's parents. This should have been done when Tabitha originally disappeared. And interestingly enough, Tabitha's brother, Kevin, who was arrested 2 years previously for money laundering and involvement with a prostitution ring (both Illuminati money-makers) is NOT asked by police to take a polygraph! He should have been one of the first people polygraphed, given those past criminal charges! (We saw this same thing happen with JR Shoemaker's mother not being polygraphed!)

* Not to mention "A few weeks after Tabitha disappeared, a prostitute confessed to a volunteer in the case that she and a client of hers from Kingsport, Tennessee drove down Lillian Street where Tabitha lived. She says the john had a computer in his car and told her he was looking to pick up a young girl called Tabby. The prostitute said this occurred around the time Tabitha went missing. The volunteer gave this tip to the police immediately and even told them where the prostitute was staying, but to the best of his knowledge, police have never contacted her."

Here you have a potential witness/abduction participant saying this john knew exactly who he was looking to abduct (a young girl called Tabby -which indicates she'd been under surveillance!), that establishes 2 connections to a prostitution ring between this prostitute and Tabitha's brother's conviction and police don't even bother to contact this prostitute?!!!!

* Once again, we have outcries of sloppy police work from the start. In fact, an article appeared in the Nashville Scene entitled "Failing Tabitha Tuders", which detailed police bungling of the case. [That article no longer appears online] This police bungling crops up in similar cases and would be an effective method of stalling the investigation.
It should also be noted that the Illuminati monitor the internet and routinely make websites, etc. disappear that post anything that could expose them!

* Tabitha was involved with her family's church.

* Tabitha disappeared April 29th - during the abduction/preparation for the Grand Climax satanic holiday.


It's been nearly 10 years since Tabitha disappeared. There have been no new developments in her case but given police apathy/bungling from the start, this doesn't surprise me.

Two more disappearances have happened in the area of Tudor's disappearance - those of Shelly Mook and Holly Bobo.

Teresa Dean

Posted by Kiya

Dean was last seen walking down Lawrence Street near her family's residence in Macon, Georgia at approximately 8:00 PM on August 15, 1999. She has never been seen again. An extensive search of the area produced no clues as to her whereabouts.

Dean is 11 years old, has brown hair and blue eyes and was last seen wearing a blue and white striped shirt, orange or pink knit pants and clear plastic sandals.

Dean has a speech impediment and may require medical attention for unspecified reasons.

In August 2006, authorities announced that there may be a relation between the disappearances of Teresa Dean, Heaven Lashae Ross, and Shannon Paulk. On August 15, 1999, Teresa Dean disappeared from a trailer park in Twiggs County, Georgia and hasn’t been seen since. Exactly two years and one day later, on August 16, 2001, Shannon Paulk vanished from Candlestick Trailer Park in Prattville. Hunters found her body two months later. Then, on August 19, 2003, two years and three days after Paulk disappeared, Ross disappeared from her Northport trailer park.

In August 1999, Teresa, her mother, two of her sisters and her mother's fiance left the Peach Orchard neighborhood in Macon headed for their trailer in northwest Twiggs County. After they got home on that warm Sunday afternoon, Teresa told her mother she was going to visit a neighbor's puppies. The day she went missing, Teresa went to her neighbor's house to look at some puppies. Her neighbor told her that if she caught a puppy, she could take it home, so Teresa headed back home to get her brother to help her. She never made it home, and hasn't been seen since. (Reportedly Dean didn't have a brother)

This case is more odd than most. 
Dorothy Dean still lives in the same single wide blue trailer she called home when her 11-year-old daughter disappeared. 

Dean's life hasn't changed much since Teresa was reported missing. 

The girl's clothes are still in the same dresser, and the only photo the family still has of the beaming pre-teen sits behind Dean's recliner. 
The home is old and weathered, with holes in the floor and missing or broken windows. Roaches scatter when she opens a photo album - Dean acknowledges she has a problem with bugs in the trailer. The 1.1-acre lot is mostly overgrown. 

Dean shares the trailer with her 18-year-old daughter Catherine and a brood of cats and dogs. The two women get by on Catherine's disability checks and food stamps. They have neither a telephone nor a vehicle. 

She said she is still engaged to the man who described himself as a suspect after Teresa was reported missing. Since March, Cody Landers has been in the Twiggs County jail on three charges of child molestation. The charges involve two girls --- an 11-year-old and a 14-year-old --- who accuse Landers of grabbing their breasts, buttocks and thighs. 
Dean dismisses the allegations and has continued her relationship with Landers. They still have plans to marry, said Dean. 

Both she and Landers were also given polygraph examinations. She said she passed hers. Landers, she said, didn't do well on his first polygraph, because officials didn't ask him about his health, which includes a "nervous" condition. She said Landers took a second polygraph that was inconclusive. Personally, I put no reliability whatsoever in the accuracy of polygraph tests - which is why they're not admissable in court to begin with.

She has her own theories about what happened to her daughter. 
Dean said there were two strange vehicles --- a small black car with tinted windows and a truck --- parked outside an abandoned doublewide trailer near her home on the day Teresa disappeared. She noticed them when she was out with Landers looking for her daughter. 
"Recently, I've been told there was a small black car that went through here with a heavyset lady that might have picked her up," Dean said. 

She also recalls incidents where she believes someone has tampered with her mail or rattled her doors. 
"I think they should be looking for her ... instead of trying to blame Mr. Landers for something he didn't do," Dean said. 

Dean believes law enforcement officials have dragged their feet on the search. 
"To me, it seemed like nothing was being done," Dean said. "To me, it seems like nothing is still being done." 
She said authorities have done everything they could to make Landers look like a suspect. 
"They were looking more at us than they were looking for Teresa," Dean said. "... I don't trust cops at all." 

This could be a tricky case to call but I'm still leaning more toward Illuminati abduction than Dean's fiancee being the guilty party in Teresa's disappearance. 

*It doesn't bode well that Cody Landers is already doing time on sexual offenses with minor girls. HOWEVER...he fits the typical profile of the "fall guy" the Illuminati and police use to pin these cases on. While Landers has previous sexual offense charges on record, he has never abducted anyone and in fact, neighbors saw him looking for Teresa with Dorothy Dean the night Teresa disappeared. When you have several witnesses attesting to seeing him at the time in question, that folks is called an "alibi". That Dorothy Dean reports authorities have done everything they could to make Landers look like a suspect, suggests to me there may be the setting up of a "fall guy" here.

*Obviously that Dean's disappearance so closely resembles the Ross and Paulk disappearances with a laundry list of similarities suggests you have a serial abductor/killer at work -which is what the detectives on the Paulk and Ross cases believe. No one in either the Ross or Paulk disappearances reported anything about a man fitting Cody Landers description being involved in those two abductions.

*Like other cases previously, Dorothy Dean claims cops dragged their feet on Teresa's case and she doesn't trust the cops now either.

*Dorothy Dean reported one thing that jumped out at me immediately - MAIL TAMPERING AND DOOR RATTLING. This is textbook Illuminati harassment tactics designed to instill fear in someone they don't want talking. They've done it to me more times than I can count. This screams Illuminati at me. 

*Teresa took medication for hyperactivity and has speech problems and learning disabilities. The clothes she was wearing when she disappeared do not fit the Type 1 abductee but because of her disabilities, Teresa definitely fits the Type 2 abductee.

*Teresa disappeared on a Sunday.

Teresa would be in her 20's now. Her case remains unsolved.

This Ford (another Ford!) truck is being sought in connection with Teresa's disappearance.

Shannon Paulk

Posted by Kiya

From the America's Most Wanted Website:

Shortly after America's Most Wanted profiled the murder of Shannon Paulk, an AMW tipster came through with a great lead. She remembered an attempted abduction of a little 10-year-old girl from a trailer park in Lexington County, S.C. eight years ago: the man drove a grey pick-up truck with a toolbox, water cooler, and ladder in the back, and had a large mole under his right eye. Luckily, the little girl got away and was not harmed.

Det. Bob Furlong immediately followed the lead to South Carolina and spoke with Lt. Henry Dukes of the Lexington County Sheriff's Office. When the men put their two composites side-by-side, they determined the pictures could be of the same man.

During this time, Shannon's mother, Marie Paulk, received a phone call from a man who admitted to murdering Shannon. The man then proceeded to give graphic details of the different ways he had violated Shannon, and then how he killed her. Luckily, Marie played it cool and contacted Det. Furlong so the call could be recorded. Det. Furlong traced the call to a hospital in Lansing, Mich. and worked with police there to discover the identity of the mysterious caller. They determined that the man did not kill Shannon, but was merely having fun by causing Marie emotional pain.

Outgoing 11-year-old Shannon Paulk was used to wandering around her Candlestick Trailer Park neighborhood. She considered everyone in the community to be an extended part of her family, and would often go into her neighbor's trailers to watch TV, grab a snack, and wait to greet them when they got home. To Shannon, no one was a stranger and everyone was a friend.

On August 16, 2001 Shannon finally met a stranger. At around 2:30 p.m., two of Shannon's friends were on a walk through the trailer park, when they saw Shannon talking to an unfamiliar man. Nearby was a white, four-door car, with red clay mud on the back. They went up to talk to Shannon, but she didn't introduce them to the newcomer, so they figured she didn't really know him very well. The girls talked briefly, then parted ways. When Shannon's friends passed by again half an hour later, Shannon, the mysterious man, and the car were all gone. Shannon was never seen again. This same person was possibly seen in the trailer park on an earlier date driving a red CJ-7 Jeep.

Local and federal police and neighbors formed "Shannon's Task Force," to help find Shannon. The two girls who saw the mysterious man talking to Shannon came forward and gave police the description of a man aged 35 to 45 years, about 5'11" to 6'0" tall, with a medium beer belly, muscular hairy arms, and blond hair with gray streaks. A huge characteristic was a large, protruding mole underneath his right eye. Two mole hairs were growing out of the mole towards his nose. 

His arms were very muscular and hairy. His teeth were yellow and crooked. There is a bump on the bridge of his nose as if his nose was broken. He is described as having hazel eyes, sandy blonde hair with darker roots and gray streaks. His goatee was darker than his hair.

On the day of Shannon’s disappearance he was driving an off-white colored, four door, medium sized passenger car that had a lot of red dirt on the back. This same person was possibly seen in the trailer park on an earlier date driving a red CJ-7 Jeep. It's believed he may be a construction worker.

After weeks of searching, Det. Robert Furlong of the Prattville, Ala. police department still had no new leads. Then, two months later, Det. Furlong got the call he had been dreading. Shannon's body had been found in the woods, discovered by rabbit hunters.

On August 19, 2003, only a few days after the two year anniversary of Shannon's disappearance, he sat down to watch the local news and became very alarmed. The newscast said that in Northport, Ala., only 45 minutes away from where Shannon disappeared, an 11 year-old girl went missing from her trailer park home. Heaven LaShae Ross left home after her older sister to walk the 75 yards to the bus stop. She never made it to the bus stop.

Det. Furlong immediately called the lead investigator, Terry Carroll of the Northport Police Department, and arranged to meet face-to-face and compare notes. What they found couldn't pass for just mere coincidence. Both Heaven and Shannon were 11-years-old, youngest daughters, from suburban trailer parks outside major cities, and lived near wildlife refuges and active construction sites. Despite the laundry list of similarities, police couldn't determine if there was a direct connection because Heaven Ross was still missing. The detectives knew they couldn't discount the fact that she might still be alive.

Three years passed, and the cases cooled down. Then in January of this year, Det. Furlong was flipping through a law enforcement magazine when he found a bulletin for a missing 11-year-old girl from Twiggs County, Ga. If this girl was from a trailer park, they could have another connection.Teresa Dean went missing from her trailer park home on August 15, 1999 -- almost exactly two years before Shannon. Teresa lived in a suburb of Macon, near a wildlife refuge and construction sites. She was a small girl with slight learning disabilities and a lisp. Neighbors would often find Teresa on their sofas or on their doorsteps waiting to welcome them when they came home.

The day she went missing, Teresa went to her neighbor's house to look at some puppies. Her neighbor told her that if she caught a puppy, she could take it home, so Teresa headed back home to get her brother to help her. She never made it home, and hasn't been seen since. Teresa didn't have a brother.

Cops believe there are too many similarities to ignore - all the girls were 11-years-old, from trailer parks, youngest daughters, very outgoing and social, lived in suburbs, and had wilderness refuges and active construction sites near them. Possibly the most chilling similarity is the fact that all the girls disappeared within days of each other exactly two years apart.

Investigators fear that if these cases are related, they could be hunting a serial child killer. The concern is that he might be an anniversary killer - someone who only hunts during a certain time of year. If this is the case, this killer strikes in August every two years. While no girls went missing in August of 2005, Det. Furlong fears he could have changed locations and struck somewhere else, or been put in prison for another crime. While jail-time might keep him from killing now, it won't stop him from killing again when he gets out."

Shannon's remains were found October 6th , 17 miles from home in the Autauga County Wildlife Management Area.

The Shannon Paulk Task Force, formed shortly after Shannon disappeared, announced Tuesday that investigators believe Shannon’s case is related to Teresa’s disappearance and that of Heaven Lashae Ross of Northport, Ala. A statement cited “striking” similarities among the three cases. All three girls were 11 years old. All three were abducted from trailer parks where they lived. All three girls disappeared two years apart - but within days of each other in August. In all three cases, construction, such as commercial construction, roadwork or bridge building, was being done in the area.

District Attorney Randall Houston, who represents the 19th Judicial Circuit, urges the public not to get their hopes up. "Upon further investigation, it may prove that these cases aren't connected," he said. "On the surface they look eerily similar. But this office and law enforcement are going to follow any and all leads. Shannon's case is an active case."

* Shannon is 11 years old when she's abducted on April 16th. Her remains are found on October 6th in a wooded area.

* Again, we have a white sedan seen at the scene and possibly a second vehicle that could have been involved in surveillance - a red Jeep.

* Her remains are found in a wildlife management area, 17 miles from her home. And in fact, Paulk, Ross and Dean all lived near wildlife refuges. Would these wildlife management areas have anything to do with the animal sacrifice that is part of satanic rituals? And are these areas all government owned?

* We have a County District Attorney saying "Don't anyone get their hopes up, these cases may not be related" and that his office is involved in the investigation. This comes from the DA after law enforcement has already drawn a connection between the 3 cases. And how could one not notice the similarities? All 3 girls disappear 2 years apart, between August 15-19, all three are 11 years old at the time of their disappearance, all 3 disappear near bridge construction and wildlife areas. Both Shae and Shannon were the youngest daughters, from trailer parks. This is what I'd call a 'laundry list' of similarities! Yet the DA couldn't make any connection between these 3 cases?

* I couldn't find anything on Paulk's cause of death nor what she was wearing when she disappeared but due to her disability and lisp, she would fit the second class of abductees. 

To date, Shannon's case remains unsolved.