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Posted by Kiya Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From the America's Most Wanted Website:

Shortly after America's Most Wanted profiled the murder of Shannon Paulk, an AMW tipster came through with a great lead. She remembered an attempted abduction of a little 10-year-old girl from a trailer park in Lexington County, S.C. eight years ago: the man drove a grey pick-up truck with a toolbox, water cooler, and ladder in the back, and had a large mole under his right eye. Luckily, the little girl got away and was not harmed.

Det. Bob Furlong immediately followed the lead to South Carolina and spoke with Lt. Henry Dukes of the Lexington County Sheriff's Office. When the men put their two composites side-by-side, they determined the pictures could be of the same man.

During this time, Shannon's mother, Marie Paulk, received a phone call from a man who admitted to murdering Shannon. The man then proceeded to give graphic details of the different ways he had violated Shannon, and then how he killed her. Luckily, Marie played it cool and contacted Det. Furlong so the call could be recorded. Det. Furlong traced the call to a hospital in Lansing, Mich. and worked with police there to discover the identity of the mysterious caller. They determined that the man did not kill Shannon, but was merely having fun by causing Marie emotional pain.

Outgoing 11-year-old Shannon Paulk was used to wandering around her Candlestick Trailer Park neighborhood. She considered everyone in the community to be an extended part of her family, and would often go into her neighbor's trailers to watch TV, grab a snack, and wait to greet them when they got home. To Shannon, no one was a stranger and everyone was a friend.

On August 16, 2001 Shannon finally met a stranger. At around 2:30 p.m., two of Shannon's friends were on a walk through the trailer park, when they saw Shannon talking to an unfamiliar man. Nearby was a white, four-door car, with red clay mud on the back. They went up to talk to Shannon, but she didn't introduce them to the newcomer, so they figured she didn't really know him very well. The girls talked briefly, then parted ways. When Shannon's friends passed by again half an hour later, Shannon, the mysterious man, and the car were all gone. Shannon was never seen again. This same person was possibly seen in the trailer park on an earlier date driving a red CJ-7 Jeep.

Local and federal police and neighbors formed "Shannon's Task Force," to help find Shannon. The two girls who saw the mysterious man talking to Shannon came forward and gave police the description of a man aged 35 to 45 years, about 5'11" to 6'0" tall, with a medium beer belly, muscular hairy arms, and blond hair with gray streaks. A huge characteristic was a large, protruding mole underneath his right eye. Two mole hairs were growing out of the mole towards his nose. 

His arms were very muscular and hairy. His teeth were yellow and crooked. There is a bump on the bridge of his nose as if his nose was broken. He is described as having hazel eyes, sandy blonde hair with darker roots and gray streaks. His goatee was darker than his hair.

On the day of Shannon’s disappearance he was driving an off-white colored, four door, medium sized passenger car that had a lot of red dirt on the back. This same person was possibly seen in the trailer park on an earlier date driving a red CJ-7 Jeep. It's believed he may be a construction worker.

After weeks of searching, Det. Robert Furlong of the Prattville, Ala. police department still had no new leads. Then, two months later, Det. Furlong got the call he had been dreading. Shannon's body had been found in the woods, discovered by rabbit hunters.

On August 19, 2003, only a few days after the two year anniversary of Shannon's disappearance, he sat down to watch the local news and became very alarmed. The newscast said that in Northport, Ala., only 45 minutes away from where Shannon disappeared, an 11 year-old girl went missing from her trailer park home. Heaven LaShae Ross left home after her older sister to walk the 75 yards to the bus stop. She never made it to the bus stop.

Det. Furlong immediately called the lead investigator, Terry Carroll of the Northport Police Department, and arranged to meet face-to-face and compare notes. What they found couldn't pass for just mere coincidence. Both Heaven and Shannon were 11-years-old, youngest daughters, from suburban trailer parks outside major cities, and lived near wildlife refuges and active construction sites. Despite the laundry list of similarities, police couldn't determine if there was a direct connection because Heaven Ross was still missing. The detectives knew they couldn't discount the fact that she might still be alive.

Three years passed, and the cases cooled down. Then in January of this year, Det. Furlong was flipping through a law enforcement magazine when he found a bulletin for a missing 11-year-old girl from Twiggs County, Ga. If this girl was from a trailer park, they could have another connection.Teresa Dean went missing from her trailer park home on August 15, 1999 -- almost exactly two years before Shannon. Teresa lived in a suburb of Macon, near a wildlife refuge and construction sites. She was a small girl with slight learning disabilities and a lisp. Neighbors would often find Teresa on their sofas or on their doorsteps waiting to welcome them when they came home.

The day she went missing, Teresa went to her neighbor's house to look at some puppies. Her neighbor told her that if she caught a puppy, she could take it home, so Teresa headed back home to get her brother to help her. She never made it home, and hasn't been seen since. Teresa didn't have a brother.

Cops believe there are too many similarities to ignore - all the girls were 11-years-old, from trailer parks, youngest daughters, very outgoing and social, lived in suburbs, and had wilderness refuges and active construction sites near them. Possibly the most chilling similarity is the fact that all the girls disappeared within days of each other exactly two years apart.

Investigators fear that if these cases are related, they could be hunting a serial child killer. The concern is that he might be an anniversary killer - someone who only hunts during a certain time of year. If this is the case, this killer strikes in August every two years. While no girls went missing in August of 2005, Det. Furlong fears he could have changed locations and struck somewhere else, or been put in prison for another crime. While jail-time might keep him from killing now, it won't stop him from killing again when he gets out."

Shannon's remains were found October 6th , 17 miles from home in the Autauga County Wildlife Management Area.

The Shannon Paulk Task Force, formed shortly after Shannon disappeared, announced Tuesday that investigators believe Shannon’s case is related to Teresa’s disappearance and that of Heaven Lashae Ross of Northport, Ala. A statement cited “striking” similarities among the three cases. All three girls were 11 years old. All three were abducted from trailer parks where they lived. All three girls disappeared two years apart - but within days of each other in August. In all three cases, construction, such as commercial construction, roadwork or bridge building, was being done in the area.

District Attorney Randall Houston, who represents the 19th Judicial Circuit, urges the public not to get their hopes up. "Upon further investigation, it may prove that these cases aren't connected," he said. "On the surface they look eerily similar. But this office and law enforcement are going to follow any and all leads. Shannon's case is an active case."

* Shannon is 11 years old when she's abducted on April 16th. Her remains are found on October 6th in a wooded area.

* Again, we have a white sedan seen at the scene and possibly a second vehicle that could have been involved in surveillance - a red Jeep.

* Her remains are found in a wildlife management area, 17 miles from her home. And in fact, Paulk, Ross and Dean all lived near wildlife refuges. Would these wildlife management areas have anything to do with the animal sacrifice that is part of satanic rituals? And are these areas all government owned?

* We have a County District Attorney saying "Don't anyone get their hopes up, these cases may not be related" and that his office is involved in the investigation. This comes from the DA after law enforcement has already drawn a connection between the 3 cases. And how could one not notice the similarities? All 3 girls disappear 2 years apart, between August 15-19, all three are 11 years old at the time of their disappearance, all 3 disappear near bridge construction and wildlife areas. Both Shae and Shannon were the youngest daughters, from trailer parks. This is what I'd call a 'laundry list' of similarities! Yet the DA couldn't make any connection between these 3 cases?

* I couldn't find anything on Paulk's cause of death nor what she was wearing when she disappeared but due to her disability and lisp, she would fit the second class of abductees. 

To date, Shannon's case remains unsolved.


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