Posted by Kiya Monday, January 14, 2013

Children Abducted is an updated version of my old blog Illuminati Pedophile Ring that I quit working on in 2009. Recently several people have contacted me, asking why I was no longer working on the Illuminati Pedophile Ring blog.

There were many reasons: I was dealing with my own abductions and resulting health crisis', the number of children being abducted by the Illuminati were rising at a rate that I could no longer keep up with all the abductions. Mostly, I was disgusted at American complete apathy in regards to the imminent danger our children were in. If America doesn't care about their own childrens' safety, why was I devoting the majority of my life trying to warn and educate them about these Illuminati child abductions?

By virtue of my own research and abductions I've learned a whole lot since 2009. I shake my head at how naive I was back then, even though I had put many of the puzzle pieces together regarding these abductions, what was happening to our children as far as the satanic ritual sacrifice aspect of these abductions. What I didn't yet know was where the children were disappearing to. The answer to that question would turn my world as I knew it upside down. None of what I had been taught to believe was true. It was all an Illuminati web of lies and deceit spanning hundreds of years. 'Reality' as I knew it was nothing close to the actual reality of this whole spaghetti mess, a battle for control of our planet and the extermination of humanity as a whole.

I never believed in demons. I now know they exist, literally. They are masquerading as our world leaders. They are textbook sociopaths, Luciferian (satanists), genocidal, primarily homosexual and sexual sadists within their cult ranks. They routinely conduct human sacrifices of children, even consuming (yes, eating) the children they abduct, torture and murder in cold blood.

I encourage you to watch the two videos posted on the home page to the right.

Will the information in this blog turn your reality upside down? YES. But it's way past time that happened. The Illuminati sociopaths are at their most dangerous now that they've been exposed, their identities outed. Their last 2012 Bilderberg meeting was infiltrated by members of the Illuminati resistance, these whack jobs acknowledged amongst themselves that their bid for global domination is all but over now that the cloak of secrecy they've covered their crimes against humanity with has been stripped away.

But here's the thing about sociopaths like the Illuminists...they are literally INCAPABLE of stopping their pursuit/destruction of their intended victims - even though they are consciously aware of the fact that their cult is now imploding from within. There is absolutely nothing more dangerous than a sociopath with his back against the wall and that's what we're now dealing with. This means our children are now more at risk than ever, for these Illuminati child satanic sacrifices are the cornerstone of their belief system. They believe in their sick minds they cannot succeed without sacrificing these abducted children to Lucifer. Which can mean only one thing - the number of abducted children worldwide will increase drastically in number as the collapsing Illuminati executes its last desperate bid at global domination.


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